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Sarrah Elliott Boss Babe Stylist


How long have you been a hairstylist? I have been doing hair for almost 8 years. Starting with Paul Mitchell, then Aveda, now Kevin Murphy!

What brings out your most artistic creative side?

I feel my most creative when I feel comfortable that my client has trust in me, and allows me do what I feel will work best for them. And most artistic when I can transform someone for a dramatic change in cut and color.

What’s your favorite thing about being a hairstylist? My favorite part of being a stylist is making people feel beautiful and confident. I love transitioning people into using more natural organic products and healing their hair.

Being independent woman business owner how does that make you feel? I feel so proud to have made it to the point I’m at today. I work with a team of bad ass talented women who all run our own business, but still have each other to bounce ideas off of. It’s perfect.

What is your morning routine for ritual? Every morning I feed my babies (Ro and Taz) first and make some hot tea. If I have time I hit the gym then come home to soak in an epsom bath. Thats my ideal morning :)

What is your favorite Lau Botanicals product? Definitely the island glow serum! Being in the heat of Texas dries me out, and the serum gives me that moisture and dewy glow I love! Not to mention it’s beautiful color!

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