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The class we experienced with you was?

We threw a little private botanical bundle dyeing workshop for miss Hillary and her closest 3 friends. They live in different places now but make it an effort to see each other once a year. It made my heart melt, you could feel the love and friendship in the air.

They each chose between a silk bralette and a silk neck scarf to dye. We made mimosas and they brought in wine and a gorgeous cheese plate and we shared our stories and got to know each other. Following that, I walked them through the possible color outcomes from the plants, flowers and fruits, how to bundle it all up and how to set the dye to the fabric with a mordant. I shared my personal process, purpose and thinking behind Silk Diaries, as well as the benefits that come with the silk fiber. It was one of the most authentic and fulfilling workshops I have ever taught. I left the night feeling like I had 4 new amazingly supportive friends. I’m so grateful for each of you!

What got you into dying silk and using organic ingredients that didn’t harm the environment?

When I first started my venture into dyeing silk, I was using synthetic dyes abstractly as a form or water color if you will. In order to set the synthetic dyes onto fabric, you have to use a specific dye fixative to make it color fast. During my first batch, I noticed a warning label on bottle that said some of the chemicals could be linked to cancer. Having multiple friends and extended family members that have fought cancer, that was the moment I knew I had to do something better, something more sustainable, even if I just took baby steps. I read a lot of books and blogs on the subject of natural dyeing and I haven't looked back since.

What makes you feel most artistic?

I feel most artistic when there are no boundaries or limitations inflicted onto my work. I struggle with imposter syndrome, so when someone is expecting something very specific, it gives me anxiety and fear that I wont be able to live up to that expectation. Art is my outlet. I spend so much of my day thinking and planning so when I'm actually creating, all I want to do is what feels right in the moment.

What is your morning routine or ritual?

I have more of a nightly routine than I do a morning routine because I have to get up really early and I am NOT a morning person. I set my coffee to brew on a timer so I can wake up to the smell, shower, take care of my skin and hair and take the dogs out on a walk.

What is your favorite color?

This is an IMPOSSIBLE question for me. I feel like every time I try a new natural dye, that color becomes my favorite color. However, I think I might gravitate towards warmer colors.

Who is your best friend and why does she inspire you to be a better person?

I have a handful of ladies that are my best friends and inspire me in different ways. My friend Amanda inspires me to think deeply, love fully and give everything I encounter in life my all. My friend Danielle inspires me to be who I am and say what I feel and to love without judgement. My friend Alissa inspires me to follow my dreams shamelessly and to better my physical and mental health. And my friend Maddy inspires me to never give up, to be brave, to be strong and to march to the beat of my own drum.

What can we see in the future of your company?

I have so many fun things planned! But you can expect silk scrunchies in the very near future. I’m so excited about them!!

Can you please come to the islands and teaches a class??

I would LOVE to. Can you put me up in your house? ;)

How would you describe yourself?

Compassionate, dedicated, creative. A split between introverted and extroverted. Experimental, empathetic, strong. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Always wanting to grow and be better than I was yesterday.

What is love?

True love is based on acceptance of yourself and others.

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