"These products are a game-changer. They completely revolutionized my skincare routine. I used to dread washing my face, and these luxurious oils have made it into a ritual of love and self-care that I look forward to every day. The Awakening Cleansing oil removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and silky smooth without being oily. The Serum is amazing after spending time in the sun (lets be real, that happens all the time). It restores dry and red skin and shrinks my pores. The Goddess Oil is sensual and sexy. My all time favorite is the Propolis Balm. It works wonders for my problematic skin. It shrinks zits in record time, and heals them so fast! No scars, no peeling, just smooth flawless skin. Thank you so much Lau Botanicals!!"
Caroline Vye

"I love Lau Botanicals because every product feels like authentic and beautiful extension of their creator, Hillary. She puts incredible attention and passion into the cultivation of each product, and genuinely cares about how each product makes people feel. My discovery of Lau Botanicals has changed the way I view skin care, and how it should be gentle on the person, and the environment. I especially love the awakening cleansing oil because it actually gets all the gunk out of my skin, and the healing propolis balm for ingrown hair treatment and prevention."

Lacy Caine

As the owner of a spa focused on chemical free and organic skincare, I've tried a wide range of products. Lau Botanicals is a major stand out and is one of only 2 lines I've chosen to carry in my spa. The scents are perfectly balanced, the textures are luxurious, the ingredients are pure, the results are unmistakable, the packaging is gorgeous and sustainable and they're made and sourced locally. I don't know what else I could ask for! My favorite is the Healing Propolis Balm because it magically healed a pretty nasty oven burn I got while cooking Thanksgiving dinner last year. I thought for sure I'd end up with a scar, but using the balm religiously was the best thing I could have done. The burn healed super fast without scarring! Our clients are obsessed with the Island Glow Serum and come back for more as soon as they run low. The reef safe, natural SPF that doesn't clog your pores or leave a gloopy residue is like gold living on an island and the scent is SO good! 


"I had the pleasure of trying the entire product range and my main takeaway was just how truly fresh the products are. The cleanser, goddess oil and body oil were all so refreshing on my chapped winter skin. The real MVP of the entire line, however, is the healing balm.  I first tried the balm on chapped lips and within the hour they were soft once more. I work with my hands frequently and the balm did wonders for my dry patches.  I was most impressed by the healing qualities of the balm. I suffer from cystic acne and decided to test the powers of the balm by using it on a particularly bad spot, by the next morning the spot had completely disappeared!! I’ve never used anything that could heal acne so fast and the balm will continue to be my number one ally!!

Thank you again for letting me try your products!! I’m so excited for the launch!"



I met you last night and purchased the Island Glow Serum and I am already obsessed! I have to tell you, I’m so hesitant to try new products as I am VERY particular and my skin is also pretty finicky. I used it last night for the first time, loved the smell right away and the texture is just heavenly! It’s like a sheer silk moisturizing mask magic. I woke up in the morning and felt like my face was baby butt smooth and was actually excited to put it on again. I’m in love and can’t wait to try the rest of your line.

Many Thanks!!!!


Courtney Eiler

Garden nectar serum
The garden nectar serum smells like heaven!! The magnificent floral senses make you feel like you’re dripping yourself in rich royal Hawaiian oil’s and flower Lei’s. A little of this oil goes a long way, while using this for the past month, I’ve seen a huge difference in my fine lines around my eyes, the size of my pores and the texture/brightness of my skin. I have been also use this down my neck have seen a difference in also the texture/ and brightness there too. I can definitely feel the anti-aging and healing properties in this serum. This does not affect any of my acne prone or oily skin. It's a beautiful moisturizer or make up primer that anybody with any type of skin could use with amazing results.
-Sasha Rush


Since being a guinea pig for years ago I never would’ve thought a cleansing oil would work for my skin.  I have a really finicky hormonal skin. I am mostly oily/acne prone skin but during some parts of the month I can get really dry scaly patchy spots. I never thought and oil cleanser would work for my skin due to how oily/acne prone. But after trying it just once I could tell a huge healing difference in my skin. My oily skin had been controlled and the cleaners had given me a shine and fresh feeling without feeling like it has stripped my skin. This product has impressive healing properties and ingredients. I would highly recommend this for people who have acne you can use it as an oil cleanser or as a moisturizer without any buildup. I never look back after using a product from Lau it has changed my life and my skin.
-Sasha Rush
IG- @goldenstategoddess


The healing propolis balm is the bomb! There’s not one thing you can’t use for it. From soothing inflammation calming acne and my other skin irritation such as eczema or bug bites this balm has changed my life. The moment I tend to go crazy and can break the skin causing scabs putting on this cream helps me stop the itching and moisturize the area so that I don’t break the skin and I don’t feel like scratching the area. I carry it everywhere with me and use it for everything. I use it as a sun burn calm cream, lip balm moisturizer or a zit cream. If I have some really bad cystic acne, I can use this to help the inflammation and heal the acne with the antibacterial properties it has in it.
-Sasha Rush
IG/ @goldenstategoddess



Hi, tried this product back two years ago for the first time. Absolutely loved it. I am weary to use any oils on my skin but gave this one a try and this was the best experiment for my skin, that changed my approach. My skin changed from oily to drier after having a child in my mid 30's and this oil is the best thing to illuminate it. I have all the products and use and love them all. My two top favorites are propolis balm and garden nectar serum.  I got full size propolis after receiving a complementary tester with my first purchase - thank you! The propolis is the only thing I use on my lips now. Everyone around noticed the difference and how bright and smooth my skin became. Plus it smells amazing! And the ritual that the oils come with, celebrates a beauty and a nature of a woman. I am gifting those oils to my close ones and promoting those to everyone, to pass the love. Thank you for making such a great quality product that I cannot wait to use every day. 

Hope for more 35% promo soon so I can stock up :)

-Cheers! Katia

We just started carrying Lau Botanicals at our small business and Hillary was sweet enough to bring in product samples for our staff. We have all been pleasantly surprised by the efficacy of the Healing Propolis Balm! Between island weather and the new requirement to wear masks, we have been dealing with a variety of skin issues, primarily acne and inflammation. I personally have been struggling with hormonal acne issues for the past few years and have yet to find a 'miracle worker' that speeds up the healing process. I applied the Propolis Balm before bed last night and was excited to see considerable improvement in my skin this morning. My problem spots were noticeably reduced, my scars brightened and my skin moisturized. I'm both relieved and hopeful that this product will help keep my problem skin at bay while continuing to live in a humid and tropical climate. Beyond impressed and so happy!!

-Rachel Penny 

I love my new sandalwood oil! Beautiful scent and gorgeous packaging. I should have purchased one for my daughter! I will definitely be in touch and will purchase again!

Got a sample of the Healing Propolis Balm and WOW! I’m definitely buying a full size! I recently developed

eczema on my face (under eyes and nose) and this balm cleared it up! I’m amazed!  



The most amazing face serum! My dry skin drinks it up and I love that I can use it in place of a traditional sunscreen! It's great for sensitive skin too and doesn't clog my pores which is a huuuuuge plus. 

-Savanna H 


Ive had a life long battle with cystic acne and never had that much luck finding products to combat it. BUT... This balm is amazing!!! I'll put it on angry pimple at night and when I wake up in the morning its almost gone. Great buy.  

-Elizabeth J 


I love the awakening cleansing oil, I have been using it as a moisturizer every night focusing specifically under my eyes and I swear in the morning my skin looks like it did when I was 14! You know the plump fresh faced look you have when you’re younger, well this product has given me that back!!  

-Halie Sanchez 


This sample pack is so good you'll be coming back to spend a couple hundred!  It happened to me!

-Jason B.

Just used the awakening cleaning oil, helping propolis balm, and goddess body oil! So amazing my skin feels super soft and moisturized without feeling oily. Which is so great because I usually have really oily skin. I love it, Thank you! 


I just wanted to say thank you for the balm. It has healed my dry angry mask skin in a matter of days. And thank you for the discount. I'll definitely be using it!




While my son was visiting, he used up all of his Aesop Parsley something oil. I gave him my Island Glow Serum ( that I recently bought during your sale) and he loves it. It did not make him break out which most new products have a tendency of doing. Asher said that it absorbed well, his skin feels great, the only drawback is the scent at first. He’s getting used to it. I’m placing an order to replace my oil just wanted to let you know that you have another customer that loves your products.

I have psoriasis on my eyelids and I bought some of your balm a few weeks ago at the first market since covid shut everything down. Your balm works better than any other product I’ve used, including steroids.
Thank you for creating it!

-Malia Morris 

Awakening cleaning oil is still saving my life, so dry in California. I'd be flaky lizard without it!

-Chala Monk

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the "Botox in a bottle" serum and omg- I actually

notice a big difference already! It's crazy, I hardly ever notice a difference with new skin care products but my face looks visibly better. So Mahalo! You are Magic.




So last night my boyfriend and I stayed at my parents place and I used the pearl microdermabrasion that I got for my mom and holy shit i'm obsessed! The smell is heaven and the after feel of my skin is insane. I'm in looooove!


We were out surfing and my friend had a jelly wrap around his arm and was in immediate pain. Right away I told him that I have some balm from Lau that might help the pain when we get out… not two minutes later, I got stung around my waist. We both used your healing balm and it was actually magical, Hillary. It immediately took away the sting and swelling. We are grateful and will be adding the healing propolis balm to our beach bags!


Something I didn't know about pregnancy, you may get a naval stone. I had no idea what it was and when I googled it I was like oh hellll no. I tried just getting it out with tweezers but I couldn't grab it. So I kept trying to just keep it clean hoping it would come out eventually. Well, yesterday I decided to use the awakening cleansing oil and it worked right away! 


Seriously I’ve never used anything better. So thankful we found your products when we did. They not only kissed my skin but gave me a huge wave of confidence the second I started using them. Something about those oils sis. It’s incredible!


I love Garden Nectar Serum. I have been using Lau Botanicals since our move 4 years ago. I'm over 60 and I used to break out with whiteheads from the heat. Since switching to oils, my skin is clear and resilient. It's my go to regimen morning and night.