"These products are a game-changer. They completely revolutionized my skincare routine. I used to dread washing my face, and these luxurious oils have made it into a ritual of love and self-care that I look forward to every day. The Awakening Cleansing oil removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and silky smooth without being oily. The Serum is amazing after spending time in the sun (lets be real, that happens all the time). It restores dry and red skin and shrinks my pores. The Goddess Oil is sensual and sexy. My all time favorite is the Propolis Balm. It works wonders for my problematic skin. It shrinks zits in record time, and heals them so fast! No scars, no peeling, just smooth flawless skin. Thank you so much Lau Botanicals!!"
Caroline Vye

"I love Lau Botanicals because every product feels like authentic and beautiful extension of their creator, Hillary. She puts incredible attention and passion into the cultivation of each product, and genuinely cares about how each product makes people feel. My discovery of Lau Botanicals has changed the way I view skin care, and how it should be gentle on the person, and the environment. I especially love the awakening cleansing oil because it actually gets all the gunk out of my skin, and the healing propolis balm for ingrown hair treatment and prevention."

Lacy Caine

As the owner of a spa focused on chemical free and organic skincare, I've tried a wide range of products. Lau Botanicals is a major stand out and is one of only 2 lines I've chosen to carry in my spa. The scents are perfectly balanced, the textures are luxurious, the ingredients are pure, the results are unmistakable, the packaging is gorgeous and sustainable and they're made and sourced locally. I don't know what else I could ask for! My favorite is the Healing Propolis Balm because it magically healed a pretty nasty oven burn I got while cooking Thanksgiving dinner last year. I thought for sure I'd end up with a scar, but using the balm religiously was the best thing I could have done. The burn healed super fast without scarring! Our clients are obsessed with the Island Glow Serum and come back for more as soon as they run low. The reef safe, natural SPF that doesn't clog your pores or leave a gloopy residue is like gold living on an island and the scent is SO good! 


"I had the pleasure of trying the entire product range and my main takeaway was just how truly fresh the products are. The cleanser, goddess oil and body oil were all so refreshing on my chapped winter skin. The real MVP of the entire line, however, is the healing balm.  I first tried the balm on chapped lips and within the hour they were soft once more. I work with my hands frequently and the balm did wonders for my dry patches.  I was most impressed by the healing qualities of the balm. I suffer from cystic acne and decided to test the powers of the balm by using it on a particularly bad spot, by the next morning the spot had completely disappeared!! I’ve never used anything that could heal acne so fast and the balm will continue to be my number one ally!!

Thank you again for letting me try your products!! I’m so excited for the launch!"



I met you last night and purchased the Island Glow Serum and I am already obsessed! I have to tell you, I’m so hesitant to try new products as I am VERY particular and my skin is also pretty finicky. I used it last night for the first time, loved the smell right away and the texture is just heavenly! It’s like a sheer silk moisturizing mask magic. I woke up in the morning and felt like my face was baby butt smooth and was actually excited to put it on again. I’m in love and can’t wait to try the rest of your line.

Many Thanks!!!!


Courtney Eiler

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