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Botanical Plant Dye How To

What you need

  1. Vinegar

  2. Water

  3. Natural Material item Including 100% cotton ,silk ,hemp, linen

  4. Natural dye

  5. A area you don’t mind getting messy maybe go outside

  6. I put a sheet down that I didn’t mind getting any natural dye on

  7. Crockpot

  8. Hemp sting

  9. Scissors

Let’s get started!

-Fill up a cooking pot or big glass bowl with half part water and white vinegar

Put the clothes or ideas you are going to dye in the liquid let’s it sit for 30 mins or so

-Get your fruit or natural dye materials today I’m using sandalwood powder, fruit that went bad strawberries, blueberries and blackberries

-It’s time for your artistic side to come out ring out your idea I started with a silk scarf

After I’m done I wrap with hemp sting and put into the crockpot for 45 minutes on high

-Remove and see if I like the colors if I want brighter I let sit longer

-Then it’s time to wash in the wash machine and dry outside in the sunlight


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