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Bottling my dreams: The story behind Lau Botanicals 


Lau Botanicals is a Hawaiian, organic skincare line formulated by a holistic esthetician. We believe in providing the highest quality ingredients while operating as ecologically as possible. We believe in comprehensive wellness including the mind, body, and soul. Lau Botanicals' goal is to promote not only healthy skin, but healthy living that does not burden the natural environment. Lau Botanicals uses ingredients free of processing and toxic compounds, as well as setting aside funds to promote and restore Hawaiian culture. For eons, native communities have achieved harmony with Mother Earth. Lau Botanicals strives to create the same harmony. Packaging, shipping products, and business activities are performed with this in mind. Lau Botanicals products are produced in small batches on demand which is why we are able to package the product in a way that exhibits the natural beauty of the ingredients. Supporting Lau Botanicals means you are supporting the preservation of Hawaiian culture and Mother Earth. 

I have worked as a holistic Certified Esthetician for 16 years. My family has been my biggest inspiration. My mother suffered from psoriasis and my sister struggled with acne. My belief and guiding principle is how natural products optimize health of the Earth, the mind, and the body. What you put into your body will show in your skin, but sometimes we need help from something external.Living on Kaua'i has given me the courage to start my own company and make my dreams my reality. Lau Botanicals is made in small batches on the island of Kaua'i. I source Lau Botanicals ingredients from all the Hawaiian Islands small farms and farms from all over the world. Our passion and goal is to help people feel comfortable in their own skin and come back to themselves with self-care. Lau Botanicals also donates a percentage of each product to The Waipā Foundation on the North Shore of Kaua'i. We believe if you're going to take from the 'Aina you need to give back. Mahalo Nui 

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