Healing Propolis Balm


This magical balm is enriched with bee propolis which has natural purifying properties and penetrates the skin to fight off unwanted break out. Boosted with a blend of organic essential oils and luscious butters, this miracle worker's true purpose is to restore the skin to its optimal state of health. 


Eliminating redness and irritation


Massage a small amount between fingers until it turns into a silky oil. Apply a small amount to the area that needs restoring. 

Calming balm for trouble spots.

Store in a cool, dark place to protect the integrity and quality of the product, ensuring maximum freshness and efficacy.

where to store

*Shea butter unrefined

*Babassu oil

Kaua’i Bees wax

*Avocado oil

*Jojoba oil


*Cocoa butter


Kukui nut oil

*Vitamin E oil

*Kaua’i Bee Propolis tincture



*Roman Chamomile


*Juniper Berry

*Carrot Seed



* Indicates certified organic and/or  wildcrafted 

Separation is natural, if this occurs apply a small amount of the balm in between your fingers until it turns into a silky oil. 


Contraindications- This product is contraindicated for people with an allergy to bee products. 

Formulated for all skin types 

.5 fl. oz.