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Cleaning Tips to Help Ensure Your Home Stays Healthy

Cleaning Tips to Help Ensure Your Home Stays Healthy

If you rent or own a home, then you likely realize that you are supposed to keep the place clean, but do you really know why? Sure, it helps everything to look nicer, but did you know decluttering your space could also improve your mental health? Lau Botanicals shares some very important facts about why you should start a housekeeping schedule today and the benefits of doing so.

Cleaning Remove Unwanted Dust and Irritants

The most obvious reason why we need to clean our homes is because doing so eliminates dust, toxins, and allergens. When dust sits around for too long, it can easily irritate the respiratory passages of the people sitting or walking through. Many people can even form allergic reactions, and the resulting histamine response can be very harmful.

Even worse, when you let dust sit around, you also invite hordes of dust mites into the home that can worsen allergic conditions. Perhaps most unsettling is the fact that dust isn’t only made up of hair and flaking skin. Some dust can also include inorganic materials like metal, asbestos, and coal, and inhaling those toxins can be bad for the lungs.

What’s more, dust and other irritants and allergens can do harm to your skin, which is another reason you want to ensure you keep your home as clean as possible. Products from Lau Botanicals an organic skin care line can help protect your skin from any of the harmful particles that can settle into your home. This includes body oil and herbal rinses for your hair.

Clearing Clutter From Your Home Will Improve Your Mind frame

Having a dirty or unorganized house can also impact your mental health. When we are surrounded by clutter and general messiness, we can tend to get stressed out and anxious because, subconsciously, we feel like we are losing control of our immediate surroundings, and that stress can leak into other parts of our lives. To remedy this issue, take some time out to start decluttering and find a place for everything in your home. When you are done using it, then put it back.

It may seem like a daunting task at first, so make it simple by going room by room. Make two piles. One of the items you definitely want to keep and one made up of stuff that you either know you don’t need or that you are undecided on. Think of this: if you haven't used something in the last year, is there a chance you will use it again? Take the things you don’t need and donate them to a local charity. Or, if you are still undecided, put those items in a storage locker, and you can come back to deal with them later.

If You’re Stuck, Hire a Professional for More Complex Jobs Like HVAC Repair

Once you have dedicated yourself to living a cleaner life, get a broom, mop, and duster, and get to work. Keep in mind that you do have the option to reach out to professionals if you don’t have the necessary skills or tools. So, if you have very high ceilings and you don’t know how to reach, then look online for local cleaners near you because they will have the essential equipment to make the job a snap.

If you have not maintained your HVAC systems lately, then they may be in poor condition, and if they are not working normally, then your air is not recycling as it should and you create an environment full of dangerous allergens. If it has been a while since you have had your HVAC system maintained or you are hearing strange noises, then start looking for heating and cooling companies near you. There are likely many pros in your city. Make sure to read reviews from fellow customers to ensure that your money is going to the best company.

As you can see, there are many perks to cleaning your home and removing unnecessary clutter. By implementing a cleaning schedule, you can improve your mental and physical health. Remember to check the hidden places, including your HVAC systems, and bring in the pros if you want to ensure your home is in great shape from top to bottom.


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