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Amber Essence Perfume

Amber Essence is a layered aroma experience that has a poetic journey into the garden of neroli and rose . Grounding you into the Hawaiian sandalwood forest and laying you in her vetiver grassy mountain side. Inhale and exhale that pure Amber essence. RITUAL-Apply a small amount to pulse points on the wrist behind your ear and on your neck. Inhale the aroma through the day and night.


*Jojoba oil, *Fossilized Amber oil , *Neroli , *VitaminE oil, *Hawaiian Sandalwood, *Australian Sandalwood, *Rose Absolute, *Vetiver, *Orange Blossom extract, *Bergamot, LOVE. * Indicates certified organic and/or wildcrafted Formulated for all skin types 1/3oz. (10ML) Limited Edition SELF LIFE ONE YEAR


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