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Facial Massage

First step to getting ready to perform a facial massage on yourself or a friend you need a good facial oil or serum. I love to use Garden Nectar Serum or Island Glow Serum. Here are some tools I listed below that I love to use when performing a facial massage.

Scalp Comb Squiggle Massager

Made from redwood. Run the teeth along your scalp for a soothing head massage

Eyebrow Massager

Roll the two ballpoints between your eyebrow, along the jawline, and around the face to massage pressure points. The perfect fix for a headache! Made out of ox-horn.

Fire Quartz Gua Sha Stone

Follow the natural geography of your face with this top quality natural gemstone gua sha designed by Cecily Braden. The tool features a comb edge with tiny teeth to provide gentle fascia friction, combing out any tangles inhibiting the exchange of nutrients and wastes that are essential for healthy skin. Intended for self-care, glide, lift and tone skin at home and while traveling with ease.

Linked to where to get these amazing tools!


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