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How to Care for Yourself as You Chase Your Dreams

You've finally made the decision to change your life and chase your dreams. But just because you've decided to reach for the stars, don't give up being practical and taking care of yourself along the way. Read on for some ideas about from Lau Botanicals how to care for yourself as you chase your dreams.

Find Your Dream

Maybe you’re ready for something new - something ambitious - but you’re not quite sure what it is yet. Not to worry. You just need to make an effort to find your dream. You may, for instance, want to go back to school and earn the degree you've always wanted. You may also be thinking about changing jobs and starting a whole new career. If so, get your resume updated with your latest skills, work experiences, and accomplishments.

Maybe you've even been considering starting your own business. If so, research forming a limited liability company. This can give you some tax benefits, diminish paperwork, and decrease your personal liability in case your business fails. Each state has different rules and regulations, so read up on those before pursuing this option.

Perhaps your goal is to find a way to relocate to Hawaii. It might take a little longer to reach this goal, but long-term dreams are just as important as short-term ones. The current housing market in Kilauea, Hawaii is not competitive, but is rather expensive and the costs have been going up. As you set up your plan to reach this goal, anticipate housing costs to be around $3,000,000 as the price of a 3-4 bedroom home there varies quite a bit. But with some strategic planning, anything is possible!

Maintain Your Health

Whatever your dream may be, you must maintain your health even as you grow personally in your pursuits. Make a solid effort to eat a healthy diet and avoid too much junk food. Take time to exercise several days a week, and get enough sleep. Most adults need 7 to 9 hours a night, so don't skimp on them. When you're well-rested, you feel better and have more energy to make your dream come true.

It’s also important to take care of your skin. After all, it is your body’s largest organ. Fortunately, there are skincare products that are great for your body and for the environment, so you can feel confident adding them to your routine. Lau Botanicals is produced in small batches using sustainable practices that support the preservation of Hawaiian culture.

Manage Your Stress

Just because you're pursuing your dream doesn't mean you don't feel stressed occasionally. The stress may even threaten to overwhelm you sometimes, so develop some strategies to manage it. Exercise can help, but you can also try meditation or a guided breathing routine to calm down. Stay organized, too, and keep a planner to track all your tasks. Finally, set aside a space in your home and some time for pure relaxation and solitude. Listen to music or curl up with a good book or a favorite movie.

Take Time for Fun

Don't neglect to take some time for fun. Get together with friends, and go out for an afternoon of shopping, see a movie, or attend a sporting event. Host a dinner party or a game night. Visit a museum or spend some time in the great outdoors. There are plenty of options. The point is to take a break from your dream (and all the time and effort it involves) to refresh yourself. When you return to your work, you’ll have more energy and feel ready to dig in with vigor.

Strengthen Relationships

Finally, don't neglect your relationships while you pursue your dreams. If you have a spouse, set aside time to talk, do fun activities, and just relax in each other's company. Keep in touch with friends and family members, too, even if you just text or email every week. Make sure connections remain strong because your support system is vital to your personal success.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s important to remember to take care of yourself even as you chase your dreams and pursue personal growth. Maintain your relationships with friends and family, and nurture your body with good food and sustainable products like Lau Botanicals. If you set your mind to it and create a solid plan, you can make any of your dreams into a reality.


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