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Our Story

Lau Botanicals is a Hawaiian, organic skincare line formulated by a holistic esthetician. We believe in providing the highest quality ingredients while operating as ecologically as possible. We believe in comprehensive wellness including the mind, body, and soul. Lau Botanicals' goal is to promote not only healthy skin, but healthy living that does not burden the natural environment. Lau Botanicals uses ingredients free of processing and toxic compounds, as well as setting aside funds to promote and restore Hawaiian culture. For eons, native communities have achieved harmony with Mother Earth. Lau Botanicals strives to create the same harmony. Packaging, shipping products, and business activities are performed with this in mind. Lau Botanicals products are produced in small batches on demand which is why we are able to package the product in a way that exhibits the natural beauty of the ingredients. Supporting Lau Botanicals means you are supporting the preservation of Hawaiian culture and Mother Earth.


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