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Stressed out?

My skin has been breaking out because of stress. Here are the ways that help calm down my breaks and help with my mental health.

I like to just splash my face with cold water in the morning. Then go right into exfoliating with Pearl Mānuka Microdermabrasion. How do I use this product? I put a small amount into my hand, add water and then mix it together in my palm and apply to my skin. I exfoliate my face for 1 to 2 minutes and then let’s sit on my skin as a mask for 5 mins.

After washing off in the shower I will apply Garden Nectar Serum to my skin and do a face massage and then apply Healing Propolis Balm to my lip or any cystic acne I have as a spot treatment.

Hope that helps you with any break out or stressful times!

Have a great weekend!


Hillary Navarrette, CEO

Lau Botanicals


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